The Paint

Pick pretty paints can be used for many printing methods from screen, stencils & stamps. Every tub is hand mixed from the print studio ready to go making your print experience instant.  Each paint is made from a selectasine binder mixed with natural eco pigments to make sure you get the same colour every time. Ranging in three tub sizes this allows you to choose the quantity for each print project preventing paint waste. As a paint producer we pride our product on quality & choice. Each tub is made with care and also marked with a recycle stamp to make sure that our plastic can be recycled from start to finish. We are alsways looking for new ways to inprove and promote print making. Please feel free to follow our journey & story from the print studio on our social media platforms.

Printing & Surfaces


What type of printing can I use the paint for?

Fabric printing/painting, screen printing, stencil work, lino, block & stamps. The paint is a light pigment based paint made from a selectasine binder which makes this multi functional for any textile project. The paints can also be watered down for fibre & water colour effects.

What surfaces can I print?

The paints are mainly used for fabric but we have also found that they can be applied to many matt surfaces too. From paper, fabric, cork, rope & even ply wood.


Fixing The Paint

To permanently fix the paint when dry you can use a number of different finishes. For fabric, steaming the area will fix the paint making it then machein washable. A domestic Iron can be used to apply heat and preasure.  For other surfaces varnish or spray fixers can be applied on top of the paint when dry.